Photo exhibition „Mordor 89“

The photos of the exhibition were taken in the non-renovated part of the University of Tartu Narva mnt 89 student dormitory in the beginning of 2020. The photos capture the Soviet-era atmosphere of the dormitory’s rooms and doors, which the students have been able to design themselves.
The aim of this project was to increase discussion on student welfare issues in Estonia and to draw attention to the students’ mental health and well-being.

107 – DIY (Do it yourself)
113 – Last resort
118 – Soviet vibes
119 – Feeling of community
123 – Old life
222 – N89 as a habitat for future independent thinking and coping
226 – Layover
247 – Cave-home
248 – My life
324 – Actually it’s good I got here
339 – pink, warm and inspiring
430 – Entire life in one room
444 – At times better than a real home
446 – crazy
522 – Why is life like this!?
525 – Something blue
529 – Fire alarm
534 – Mandatory campus experience
550 – Genuine student life
Introduction in Estonian

Mordor 89 is a youth group with five members: Mariana Tulf, Laura Ermel, Hanna Eliisa Madilainen, Leila Niilus and Eduard Pavlov.

The Mordor 89 project (2020-2021) was funded by the Archimedes Foundation.

If you have a question regarding Mordor 89 project you can contact us via

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